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ALZOO FLEA & TICK COLLARS for Dogs and Cats  Repel fleas, ticks and mosquitoes naturally and effectively.  Unlike big brand-name collars containing registered synthetic chemical insecticides, Alzoo collars are safe for your pets and all household members.  Alzoo ingredients will not disrupt nervous or endocrine systems and are not carcinogenic like conventional pesticides.  Protects pets for up to 4 months.  Use with Alzoo Spray (or Spot-on) for maximum protection.

ALZOO FLEA & TICK SPOT-ON for Dogs and Cats  Repel fleas, ticks and mosquitoes naturally and effectively. Unlike big brand-name spot-on products containing registered synthetic chemical insecticides, Alzoo spot-on is safe for your pets and all household members.  Alzoo ingredients will not disrupt nervous or endocrine systems and are not carcinogenic like conventional pesticides. Did you know that unintended ingestion of insecticides can occur when pet owners fail to wash hands after petting treated pets?  Reports demonstrate that when a pet's fur is shed it, its spot-on ingredients (like fur) become part of a household dust.  That's how a pesticide in a Spot-On may be inhaled by household members.  Trust Alzoo's safe, effective, and totally natural Spot-On for your pet's health as well as your own. Each application lasts a month. Use with Alzoo Spray (or Collar) for maximum protection.

ALZOO REPELLENT SPRAY and ALZOO REPELLENT SHAMPOO for Dogs protects against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes naturally and effectively. Both are effective for up to 1 week.  The Spray can be used to maximize protection with an Alzoo Collar or Spot-on if your pet is exposed to a heavily infested area, i.e. a dog park, tall grasses or brush, or a walk in the woods. Using Alzoo Shampoo is the perfect start for repellent protection before using Spot-on or Collar, and its a gentle herbal shampoo all year round.

ALZOO REPELLENT POWDER for Cats can be used alone or as a supplement to Spot-On or Collar.  It may also be used to establish a repellent zone on and around pet's bedding.  Natural and effective against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. 

ALZOO MY FRESH COOP for Chicken Coops is a new concept in caring for backyard chickens. Embarrassed about foul odor from your backyard coop?  Sprinkle Evergreen-scented My Fresh Coop across coop shavings or bedding between cleanings to keep your hen house smelling clean and fresh.  Deodorizes instantly, it's inert ingredients won't absorb moisture like zeolite-based deodorizers.

WOOF WHIFFS for Dogs are a new, wearable deodorizing medallion that slides onto the collar.  No more stinky dogs!  Instantly works to deodorize a smelly pooch.  Choose from 4 distinctive fragrances - Apricot, Lavender, Bamboo, Incense.  Lasts 2 weeks.

PEE-B-GONE for Pets makes stain removal as easy as it gets.  Pee-B-Gone works without bending, rubbing, scrubbing, blotting, or sponging!  Just spray Pee-B-Gone on the stain and stains disappear like magic, leaving a clean, fresh scent.   Choice of 3 fragrances and Unscented.  Sprays or Gallon Refills.  Pee-B-Gone Potty Wipes coming soon! 

Take a safe, all-natural approach to protect your pet.  Just ask for our products at your local pet store.  They're available across the U.S. and used in millions of homes around the world. 

How-To Alzoo

Did you know that for most flea and tick products, your pet has to be bitten?

Did you know among the most common vet visits is due to bite allergies and hypersensitivity?

Avoid the bite with the Alzoo Repellent family of products.

In contrast to conventional pet collars and spot-ons, ALZOO repels pests. Laboratory tests prove the Active Ingredients reduce the incidence and the severity of bites. Trust us, your pet says thank you when you Alzoo.


ALZOO NATURAL REPELLENT COLLARS  for Dog (Small, Medium, Large) & Cat

Use a collar alone in low exposure.  Use with a spray, powder, or spot-on to maximize repellent protection.  

ALZOO is the only natural flea & tick collar line in the U.S. permitted to make flea and tick control claims!  Laboratory tested and proven effective.  Plant-based Active Ingredients provide continuous, longlasting protection.  These diffusing collars use patent-protected Active Polymer technology to slowly release the repellent formulation for up to four months!   Retail: about $13.



Use a spot-on alone in moderate exposure.  Use with a spray, powder, or collar to maximize repellent protection.  

Our safe, easy-to-apply all natural Spot-On is laboratory-tested and proven effective to control fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other biting insects.  Plant-based formulation in an almond oil base.  Works after rain and swimming.  Retail: about $17.



Use these products by themselves or in combination with a collar or spot-on for proper repellent protection.

Unlike synthethic chemical pesticide collars and sprays, ALZOO users are encouraged to use ALZOO Spray, ALZOO Shampoo, or ALZOO Powder along with an ALZOO Collar and/or ALZOO Spot-on.  These products are designed to help you establish a safe, family-friendly, all-natural "repellent zone" on your pet and in the home.   

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A natural way to get mosquitoes to buzz off.  Pleasant-smelling repellent bracelet uses all natural Active Ingredients instead of dangerous insecticides.  Waterproof.  No harmful chemicals. Perfect at camp, hikes, gardening, whenever outdoors. Perfect solution for every family member, including youngsters.